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Keep control of your automation

We combine human action with automations to keep you in control while eliminating the busywork.

Keep control of your automation

You've got the power!

With our human in the loop operator, you choose the direction the workflow should take when things get too complex to be automated.

lead assignment

make advanced workflows with a simple drag'n'dropand nocode interface

Create impactful workflows in few minutes

We designed an intuitive interface that lets you link your favorite services without writing a single line of code.

Easy to use, drag and drop operations to pull in data, send them to your favorite services and integrate your data wherever it is.

as Powerful as internal development

Use programming control flow tools

Add conditional logic operators, loop over an array, format data and aggregate results. Pause your workflow for a defined duration or until it is resumed by a human

flow-control tools

Connect any app or API

Use our preconfigured connectors to build your integrations or perform a custom HTTP request to communicate with any api

connect app and API

Iterate over and over

Don't be afraid to update your workflows, even on Fridays! We implemented versioning and environment deployment model to let you do changes with an entire peace of mind

deployment environment model


Achieve autonomy

Empower your team to build useful automations on their own in minutes.

Save Dev Time

Leverage developer efficiency and deliver features without manually coding integrations.

Reduce Your Costs

Improve team productivity by relieving them of low value-added, time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

Maximize Scale

Increase cross-department efficiency and automate processes at scale.

Avoid technical debt

Move from on-prem to the cloud. Take steps incrementally or all at once to avoid starting over.

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